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Been traveling out to the boonies for work and staying at a beach resort, the only decent hotel for miles around. Woke to the alien sound of brilliant, almost liquid birdsong bubbling in through the windows; had a 10-hour meeting in a tiny dark room with huge windows overlooking miles of sandy beach and glowing blue sea gently fringed with giant coconut trees (irony). A family on holiday wandered down the wrong corridor looking for the swimming pool, passing rooms full of grown-ups in shirts and slacks and dress shoes shivering under roaring A/C, falling asleep to the flickering of slides on the walls. Sick from traveling and food poisoning the weekend before, ate only fruit and bread, watched sparrows flying into the open-air restaurant to sample the lunch buffet. On the way to the airport monkeys ran away from our cab, solitary cows loomed lonely out of the overgrown grass verges. Wanted to pull out sketchbook while waiting for plane, but colleagues were around so did not.

fields of light

L insisted on photographing sunset in the clouds; he proved surprisingly thoughtful as well on the journey home. "Why are we doing this? What would you rather do for the rest of your life?" When asked, said he would like to work for an environmental cause, backpack all over the world, do something unexpected. Reminded of similar conversations with other friends, all doing something throughout the best years of their lives while dreaming of doing something else. Waited at the exit of the airport for dad. The exterior was still under renovation; when we drove away the welders on the roof seemed to be setting up fireworks, waving us goodbye.


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