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Since my last post I have:

* Experienced Thanksgiving, with turkey and many pies
* Driven on the right side of the road without killing anyone
* Bought a pair of 5" Jeffrey Campbell boots(1)
* Got lost in a place called "Hunting Valley", in mist, at night
* Visited the Shedd Aquarium with Kris <333 Thanks for driving a million miles to flop around the aquarium with me!
* Failed to meet up with Cathy :( I will return to Chicago for this
* Survived a week spent entirely with other consultants
* Spend said week gatecrashing other depts' social events for free booze
* Survived a surreal, Wong Kar Wai movie-like series of non-incidents(2)
* Been in the air for almost 50 hours (not all at once)
* Drawn what feels like several square miles of whale shark
* Put a book together in Illustrator

After I got back Y offered to take me along to Milan on the 17th (he's going for work) since he had a bunch of air miles expiring soon and didn't want to waste them (also, I hope, for the joy of my company). My first reaction was ABSOLUTELY NOT IT'S CF WEEKEND. Five minutes later I was all, did you say free trip to Milan

(I am clearly working in the wrong dept i.e. the one with no business trips to European fashion capitals)

So. I'm back in the tropics now and it is 8 days to Comic Fiesta and counting! My books will be ready next Friday night!! The printing company is full of angels!!! I will be sharing a booth with KC and Amei and Wrats!!!!! hopefully I will not pass out from excitement and not too many people will be scared away and I will get to meet new friends!!!!!! And I should go easy on the exclamation marks, and look up what number our booth is. Yes. I will make a proper information post after work. I came back to SO MUCH WORK it's not funny

The Basara story is still wip 6/12 :D; I will probably just print it myself last minute as a mini-comic or.. put it online... Also while I managed to explain the ocean book to the printing company with lots of vague handwaving, I do not know how to even begin explaining the concept of Basara, let alone "modern-day sengokujidai AU in which Ishida Mitsunari is an angry schoolgirl"

Kanji fail

"For halloween we will be our heroes".. Does not include disapproving Mouri who is all trick, no treat

OSSAN PARTY, FAVORITE ENDING OF ALL ENDINGS except possibly the one where Kurokan and Ujimasa make friends

~Only love will set you free... Only love~

I COULD WRITE AN ESSAY ABOUT THIS RELATIONSHIP AND HOW SAD IT IS EVEN WHEN IT SEEMS TO BE A GOOD THING, mostly because it involves tragic okra death and lonely pirate pining forever and bewildered triangle ~learning how to love~

Ok back to work. It is my first week back and I am already feeling like someone who defuses bombs for a living. A KANCHEONG SPIDER

1) Actually this was a good strategy; the avalanche of guilt I got off this splurge prevented me from spending any more money for the rest of the trip

2) So surreally WKW-ish it is deserving of its own post, although the fact that I immediately thought to write about it as a story right after it went down is very illustrative of how "people who write about their friends may end up with no friends"
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