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Y's mates visited last weekend. This resulted in an eating tour in the general vicinity of KL, following which I decided to document a template of said tour for future guests. This assumes arrival on Friday evening and departure late Sunday afternoon.

* 8PM: Garlic/cheese naan & best tandoori chicken (roadside stall opposite Ampang Point)
* OR the above + curries, masala, satay, Heartstopper(1) if late enough (Naan Corner, Ampang)
* 10PM: Wine & siew yoke (Vintry, Kota Damansara)
* 2AM: Indomie burger (Darussalam mamak, Sri Hartamas)

* 11AM: Eggs/toast, belacan fried rice, hainanese chicken chop, roti babi, roast pork, coffee, butter cake (Yut Kee, Jalan Dang Wangi)
* 4PM: Pasembur & cendol (Jalan Ampang/MRR intersection)
* 8PM: Salted egg / chili crab and other Chinese stirfries (Mei Keng Fatt)
* 10PM: Booze (Brussels Beer House)

* 10AM: Nasi lemak (Kampung Baru)
* OR roti canai (Risda Corner, Jalan Ampang)
* Or both
* 3PM: Nasi ganja(2) (Kudus, Jalan Tunku Ab Rahman)

1) Share this with a friend. It is a regular sized Ramli burger with two heart attacks worth of grease jus and sos
2) Well no it's nasi kandar actually. But he puts three types of curries on your rice by default so tis so good you might as well be eating ganja

The only thing you might have to line up for is Yut Kee so try to time that right (11AM is just my guess at that lull between breakfast and lunch crowds). The other places are not so bad on weekends. I will make a map soonish since getting anywhere in KL is more murder than fun.

CF kakis / partners in crime: We might not have time for everything that weekend but I will tweak this to accomodate schedule / eating on weekdays! Also since CF is in Berjaya other places might make more sense like pork noodle and that notorious tai chow off Imbi. Also also there are other things that are kind of far away that I haven't found a decent KL-ish place for like dry bak kut teh, char kuey teow, dim sum, you tiao..

Now you all know why I never update this thing, we're always GONE EATING


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