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I had a day off which I intended to spend watching The Tatami Galaxy (四畳半神話大系) (as subbed by Funimation / animecrazy if you live outside of the US). I've only gone through two eps and they were delightfully weird and entertaining. Not sure how long the repeating plot device can sustain itself, but I thought the animation style was pretty unusual and very cute. Also I really like Akashi AND I LOVE OZU ALTHOUGH HE DOES INDEED LOOK LIKE A YOUKAI


But my plan was foiled because the night before I had a sad dream about Mitsunari so obviously most of my day off was blown drawing a comic about an SB3 stage, and taking liberties with Gyoubu. Like the Misogi film club president says, "why do you keep making these ridiculous things no one else understands? it's disgustingly masturbatory"

The dream was in Osaka Winter Siege stage, where the final boss is Mitsunari. Except I was Mitsunari, so I went through the stage map backwards, and it was empty, and Mitsunari was very sad but at the end everyone Mitsunari loved who had been killed more or less by Ieyasu was at the first bridge, waiting for him. At this point I thought "oh! this is the cutscene I skipped after Ieyasu clears Osaka Winter", and I was sad because everyone was dead, but everyone was kind of happy to be reunited. Except Ieyasu he was not there. Then I woke up and was v upset because there IS no cutscene after Ieyasu clears Osaka Winter. Then I drew ten pages of comic, to cope

1600, winter, osaka

Sorry to make you read right to left. I was going through Ravages of Time again (rediscovering gems like Guan Yu crying because of the valour and courage of Lu Bu's... horse) and got used to that reading order. I'll add footnotes between each page to try and explain wtf is going on

This is the last arena where you fight Mitsunari

Final flight of stairs

You fight Gyoubu here. That is his magical floating palanquin

He is not in it which is a bit of a shocker because he can't walk

This is where you fight the first boss: a war chariot and its crazy galloping electric horse

The two or three gates you need to bust through when you barge into the castle

This bridge is the start of the stage


Takechiyo is Ieyasu's childhood name, yes Ieyasu who killed everyone in this page. But they still love him, in their own twisted ways. Hanbei will probably just put him on laundry duty forever - Wait, no, that's reserved for Kurokan isn't it. Also it magically stopped snowing because I forgot to snow the last page. You can think it is symbolic, or that I am lazy, or both.

THANKS FOR READING sorry to torture you

I have done what I could
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