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Not so long time ago in a community not that far away a couple of MIND BLOWING drabbles were written based on a magnificent idea regarding the hypothetical romance of two anthropomorphized MMOs. (I can only imagine their meeting: of how they did look each other up and down, and L2 did disapprove, and WoW did say 'hi baby').

And my mind was indeed blown, and buoyed by the wind under the wings of this unholy love, and an extended saga of BOTH great hilarity and powerful emotional metaphors, I may have drawn some stuff. FOR WHICH I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE

"Parties look for me"

I am now aware most people say LFG not LFP, but well you get the idea xD;

this is because I TRAUMATIZED CHRISSIE SO MUCH WITH WOW'S ORIGINAL HAIR i'm so sorry chrissie

aki suggested rukawa hair which is actually very easy to draw and superrrrrrrr cute /approves

(Actually I would trust WoW to cut my hair, it would be, you know, easy to maintain and still look cute. Although I wouldn't let him dye it)

So there. The brilliance and the blame lie not with me ಠ_ಠ

PS. Finished Kavalier and Clay, or, I spent uncountable hours floating in A SEA OF BEAUTIFUL WORDS, also aughh escapism, loss, illusion, COMIC BOOKS, I have been stunned into forgetting how to express myself


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