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I took so long to type up this post that the Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes demo (English version of BSR3) is suddenly available on PSN! I couldn't not mention it now. It is a fun hack n' slash game with many delightful characters only very loosely based on real history, although you may feel like slapping some of them by the end of a story route. Please try it out!

That is all that was important, the rest of this post is just me being a nerd. To celebrate have some fanarts.

Oichi reminds me of Makie from BOTI: a simple, tender-hearted person denied a mere 'handful of happiness' while possessing the most terrifying ability to kick ass. Though I can agree how this kind of character, especially a female one, perpetuates a stereotype... I just feel very fond of and sorry for both of them. I do think they can't wallow in grief forever but at the same time I feel it is okay to be simple and tender-hearted if you're made that way, whatever your gender. Also if for example one's brother kills one's husband and uses his skull for drinking sake, man that would make anybody pretty upset (this apparently happened for real, wtf)

I think Magoichi - self-sufficient, no-nonsense and completely in control - is what most people would call a really positive female character, but some girls are pink and sparkly like Tsuru and some are gentle and anxious like Oichi and some are simply fabulous like Mouri and Hanbei. But that should be fine, we can't all be Magoichi..

Anyway I kind of respect how Oichi never hates anyone, not even Nobunaga for what he's done. Even after that she constantly tries to get him to stop being demonic, presumably so everyone can have normal lives again, including him. (TAKE NOTES, MITSUNARI)

As for Mitsunari, I'll save that for that meme ([profile] raineyz my answers are almost the same as yours haha)

Obviously wasn't thinking too well about this one; too many elements, too much clutter, too much black stuff everywhere haha. Wanted it to look like the intro screens you get when you fight a stage boss, instead it became some kind of tribute to legs. Very sorry about the awful calligraphy too, apparently though I did learn a lot of kanji in kindergarten I have no memory of it now :D;

moving on to the guys, incl spoilers for aniki`s green route. Basically:

▲▽▼ = ieyasu's hair, mitsunari's hair, aniki's eyepatch

Aniki can fix anything, even relationships gone FUBAR. He is aniki

Going to play Gyoubu next, anticipate this to be lots of fun although his endings all seem depressing as hell. Will prolly play Kanbei's alt routes too, I really miss "naze jaaaa"... Wish they had included subtitles for the cutscenes as well as the between-stages battle tactics dialogue (or in some stages the "Gyoubu mothering Mitsunari" dialogue), the one thing I have learnt from this game is that while my reading is slow but generally okay (I just don't recognize a million essential kanji/keigo), my listening ability is atrocious. At least I can now recognize words like fortress, strategist*, Sekigahara, and UNFORGIVABLEEEEE, as well as a slew of personal pronouns no longer in casual or even modern use. This surely will come in handy like, never


Tomorrow is Hari Raya; a happy Eid to all who celebrate! In the spirit of forgiving and being forgiven, please forgive me all the stupidities I have perpetrated, and please be patient as I try to avoid making more. Happy holidays to the rest of everyone.

*And from pixiv, セクハラ仮面軍師 "masked pervert strategist"
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