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Hegemons always resent heaven, because only hell awaits us at the end of our path. - Guo Jia to Cao Cao

The Ravages of Time ((火鳳燎原) or as I like to call it, THREE KINGDOMS OF BADASS, is a Hong Kong comic based on the Romance of Three Kingdoms. It is full of (hundreds of) characters (spanning multiple, sprawling storylines) who can beat up entire armies, sometimes armed only with a hoe; pull spears out of their own bodies and wield them saying "thanks for the weapons", throw horses across the battlefield, eat their own eyes, crossdress super convincingly, etc.. Yet for all these oddities, Ravages remains IMHO the most complex, clever, engaging and unbelievably human Three Kingdoms interpretation you can find today.

So we have seen Guo Jia pull off shit like: using spiked trenches to send Lu Bu's cavalry packing, then connecting the trenches in order to flood Xiapi in the rainy season... Which was only possible because the traps had forced Lu Bu's army to pull back and not notice all the Wei army digging going on. Oh Guo Jia if only you had lived longer!! Instead of Zhuge Liang you would be the one prancing around history books with a giant fan, practicing necromancy, divination, sorcery, and juggling. (I've never understood why juggling, but it's officially one of Kongming's special tricks.. OF WHAT USE IN WARTIME, IDK)

But Ravages is pretty brutal to all its characters, even the genius ones dying of tuberculosis

Preview for chapter 319. So great, I cannot lie, even though this filled me with fear of never seeing him again I laughed like hell. RUN GUO JIA RUN

Am pretty sure he has a graceful exit strategy up his sleeve, as someone said "this guy is a god of faking being in danger.".. but his OH SHIT expression at seeing Wen Chou running the fuck at him seems to be genuine. In the event that his plan B fails which valiant general is going to come to his rescue??? I imagine Jia Xu would pop up out of nowhere and carry him off somehow. "I ONLY SAVED SO I CAN WATCH YOU DIE OF TB, WHILE SAYING I TOLD YOU SO"

Poor GJ. But at least he has friends... Unlike Mouri Motonari who is simply an unpopular man

Wei propaganda of Cao Cao's three monsters: Dian Wei, GJ and Xu Chu. For 'Cao Cao's three biggest fanboys' simply replace XC with Xia Hou Dun.

Few things fill me with such nostalgia for the past / looking forward to the future. I started reading Ravages via Remnantwarriors in 2004? 2005? When the scans stopped I bought the books and read them via Merc's text translations on LJ haha I felt like such a nerd. You can read them now via Merc and Ki Shodar's translations, although if you can read traditional Chinese the books are fairly cheap and available throughout most of East Asia (I get mine from Kinokuniya). Buy them anyway and support one of the greatest Chinese comics ever. Thanks Chen Mou for a great story.. AND THANK YOU MERC FOR TRANSLATING MANY MOMENTS OF BADASS. Also many of great sorrow. But mostly badass.

PS. I had this post typed up last week, but before I posted it a lot of very kind and well-meaning people crashed my webhost (in the best of all possible ways; thank you for your many kind words), placing me in a state of shock, disbelief, and extreme mortification. I wanted to hide under my bed all day, except there was a lot of stuff under it already so I couldn't. But so far all seems good! No one has emailed me angrily to complain, also more pressingly I have not had to explain Sengoku Basara and/or ojisans to any RL friends whom I know follow Mr Gaiman's twitter. The feeling of relief is pretty intense. Although I will work hard to draw some proper Sandman fanart by way of apology

PPS. Speaking of Sengoku Basara, "Ishida Mitsunari" is a front page pixiv tag! I invite everyone to celebrate by mentally picturing our beloved ▽-kun as a belligerent kemonomimi with fox ears and huge fluffy tail. In fact why isn't this his alt costume.

PPPS. Okay I am a huge nerd I found the meaning of Mitsunari's crest and am sobbing. DOES HE NOT UNDERSTAND THIS IN BASARA OR SOMETHING

Date: 2010-09-01 05:41 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ensoot
.....oh my gods, I. I think I need to catch up. SO BADLY.

Date: 2010-09-01 06:28 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] charmian
Heh, I ♥ this post. XD Oh man, I didn't know that Kongming could juggle too, though, ahaha.

Yeah, I wanted to shout at the latest chapter of RoT, though, 'sit down, Guo Jia! Don't you know you're not supposed to stand in a moving vehicle?'

Ahaha, as for sobbing over Mitsunari, damn it, if only you could read Japanese. (Maybe there's a Chinese translation?) There's this gigantic novel called Sekigahara which is.... just emotionally EVISCERATING when it comes to that kind of thing re: Mitsunari. (Also for no reason at all it seems it introduces him as a pretty boy despite the fact that he is like forty and this is a novel for adults, not for teenage girls, IDK)

Date: 2010-09-01 06:50 pm (UTC)
charmian: a snowy owl (Default)
From: [personal profile] charmian
Hahaha, yeah.

Taiko is really good too. It's not about Hideyoshi, but I also like this novel called the Signore, which is about Nobunaga. ( It's by a Japanese writer, but told from the POV of a Westerner who visits Japan and becomes fascinated by Nobunaga.

Yeah, sadly, it's not translated into English (on my LJ blog I also wrote a few entries about it IIRC).

Hahah, yeah, he is more real, although I like his portrayal in SW2 better than in SW3, because WTF making him and Kiyomasa friends when in history they hated each other's guts? But yeah, the novel is so.... horribly tragic, in the classic sense, and every character is so vividly portratized. I want to translate parts of it, but it is rather difficult at parts.

Motonari in SW3 is TOTALLY A RIPOFF OF Yang in CHARACTERIZATION as well. I am not joking, it's pretty obvious if you hear the dialogue. Which reminds me I need to finish reading the LoGH novels.


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